eclipse-devel 3.3.2

Mike Bowie mbowie at
Thu Mar 13 22:09:01 UTC 2008

ken wrote:
>   My appology, Mike.
>   I found that I made a mistake and brought in a lot of bugs relating to minor versioning of plugins with eclipse-devel332.tgz.
>   Please pick up newer one from and give a try.  I checked it with amd64/jdk15 and it is seemingly OK.
>   Checking the implementation after 400 miles drive did not work...
> Sorry for your incovenience.
Ket et al,

I've been using Ken's 3.2.2 build for a couple of days now under 
6.2-RELEASE with no complaints.

Will report on my 7.0-RELEASE experiences once I get time to update my 
machine @ home from an old -SNAPSHOT.

As always, nice work Ken!


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