Problems with jdk 1.3 and

Kris Kennaway kris at
Thu Jul 3 09:49:08 UTC 2008


In testing my index build optimizations the following ports failed:

javadc-0.20_2: Makefile error: "" is not a valid value for JAVA_VENDOR. 
It should be one or more of: freebsd bsdjava sun blackdown

Indeed, JAVA_VENDOR is set to "" -- but this is also true with the CVS 
version of as well.  It looks like there is a bug in the 
detection of this though, because the check-makevars target passes.

Can someone please take a look at these two ports and determine if there 
is a problem in the port makefiles, or in the existing 
logic?  If I have fixed a bug accidentally then I won't mind, but I 
would prefer not to have regressed something that is currently working :)


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