java/eclipse and jdk1.6

Mike Bowie mbowie at
Wed Feb 20 06:51:11 UTC 2008

ken wrote:
>   Mike,
>   Yea, I am surviving...
>   I am using it and touching it every time I have a problem.  So, it is a turtle walk...
>   About plugins;
>     I know that JBossTools GUI which requires newer version of xulrunner does not work properly.  Also, GUI editor of eclipse may/may not work.  I am not sure if it is updated recently or not, though.
>   I understand that Eclipse schedules to update every spring and fall. And next version for spring will be 3.4 (now it is 3.4M5).  So, we may better settle the port before the new release comes in.  
>   I see that we have emacs (22), emacs21 and emacs-devel in /usr/ports/editors, and I feel that it is suggestiong the way we manage eclipse under /usr/ports/java - current version = eclipse, previous version = eclipseXX, and next version = eclipse-devel.


That sounds like a reasonable proposition and clearly it's a model 
already in use.  IIRC, there was also mention previously of moving all 
of the "eclipse bits" to /usr/ports/eclipse... although it's late and 
the details escape me at this moment.  I think perhaps Dan suggested 
it... I'll have to scan the archives.  (Or someone can chime in.) 
Perhaps this is something that could be considered at the same time, if 
changes are being made.

I'll give a try tomorrow at the office and will let you know how 
it goes!

Thanks for your superb work... I for one am most appreciative!


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