Java Communication API for FreeBSD Input Stream Problem

Guilherme Gomes guilhermegrg at
Tue Apr 8 10:23:28 UTC 2008

I've read a post about a program  in Java that you're made regarding sending 
AT commands to a GSM phone to send SMS messages, and the trouble about 
sending the ctrl+z byte and after that getting no data returned.
I have the exact same issue, and can't find any solution on the internet so 
far. Been losing a lot of hours on this. Did you managed to fix this issue ? 
If so, how ?

I attach the text of your original message as a reminder :


I have a problem regarding the Java Communication API for FreeBSD port.

One slight difference from a normal instalation of the JDK and the Java
Communication port, is that i haven't installed the JDK. i have tried
severel times to install it from the ports, but i got an error. (sorry, i
can't provide you the error). I tried using the linux jdk allready
installed, but when i try to install the Java Communication port i got an
error regarding the jndi library. Anyway, i have copied a JDK instalation
binaries from another FreeBSD machine, and then the comm port compiled and
installed succesfully. I've just though i should mention this.

I have search the net for a solution to this matter, posted messeges on
forums, but still nothing.

I'm a newbie regarding FreeBSD, but i think that it might be a
problem in the module. A friend of mine suggested me to send
you an email, so here it goes.

I have an aplication that connects to a mobile phone via serial port. I
want then to send a SMS, using at commands.
The problem is that the end of the SMS is marked by the CTRL-Z character
(ASCII 26). When i send this character to the OutputStream, the
InputStream hungs up. It shows that there are bytes available for read,
but when i try to read from the stream, it returns -1. Other AT commands
are working fine.

The code is:
          props.load(new FileInputStream(""));
          portName = props.getProperty("serial_port_name");
          center = props.getProperty("message_center");
          CommPortIdentifier portID = CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifier(
          SerialPort port = (SerialPort)"Alarm Server", 100);
          in =  port.getInputStream();
          out = new BufferedOutputStream(port.getOutputStream());

    private static String sendMessageText(String command) throws Exception
            byte b = 0x1A;    //CTRL-Z character
                    Logger.log("Sending: "+command);
                    String response = read();
                    Logger.log("Response: "+response);
                    return response;

    private static String sendAT(String command) throws Exception {
       synchronized (sincron) {
          Logger.log("AT: "+command);
          String response = read();
          Logger.log("Response: "+response);
          return response;

    private static String read() throws Exception {
       int n, i;
       char c;
       String answer = new String("");
       System.out.println("Reading ...");
       do {
       while (!(in.available()>0));
       for (i = 0; i < 5; i++) {
          while (in.available()>0) {
             System.out.println("Available: "+in.available());
             n =;
             if (n != -1) {
                c = (char) n;
                answer = answer + c;
       return answer.trim();

to send the SMS i use this code:

   public static void sendSMS(String number, String text) {
       String result;
       Logger.log("Trying to send to : " + number + "\n\t\t"
       sendAT("AT+CMGS=\"" + number + "\"");
       result = sendMessageText(text);
       Logger.log("I've got: " + result);

normaly, it shoud return on the InputStream OK and a message number if the
SMS was succesfully sent or ERROR if there was an error

after i send the CTRL-Z, the (InputStream) in.available() returns 20, and
when i try to read it reads -1

if i use minicom (equivalent with windows's hyperterminal), it works just

I realy don't know what to do. I have tried everything crossed my mind,
and other's minds.

If you can take a look, and suggest a solution, i would apriciate it.

Sorry if i've waisted your time with this question.

Best Regards,
Daniel Comsa

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