A request for your input.

Sunnz sunnzy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 12:17:23 UTC 2007

"On a scale of 1 to 5 how important are the following things in your
decision to work on an Open Source project?"

And the choices are:
Very Important	Important	Moderately Important	 Of little
Importance	Unimportant	No answer

Sorry to be annoying over these tiny details... ~_~

2007/3/14, lmth at deakin.edu.au <lmth at deakin.edu.au>:
> Hello
> My name is Lara Thynne and I am a PhD candidate at Deakin University
> Australia.  I am currently researching the boundary between work and
> leisure activities directly related to the open source community and
> open source program development.
> As part of this I am running a survey at the following address.
> https://dcarf.deakin.edu.au/surveys/oss/
> The survey is completely confidential and looks at your views and
> motivations to use Open Source software and to participate in the
> community.
> It will only take a five to ten minutes to complete and your contact
> details will not be recorded. You can withdraw your participation at
> any stage.
> I sincerely apologize for the spammish nature of this e-mail - I
> don't mean to abuse this list.  I am trying to collect responses
> from as many open source developers and users as possible and a
> mailing list like can be the only way to reach many developers.
> Thanks again
> Lara
> P.S The program that I am using is open source, of course
> (www.phpsurveyor.org)!
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