fresh install on -CURRENT?

Greg Lewis glewis at
Tue Jun 26 15:05:34 UTC 2007

On Tue, Jun 26, 2007 at 08:37:58AM -0400, Robert Huff wrote:
> Greg Lewis writes:
> >  > 	However: after applying the patch and attempting to build
> >  > jdk15-p12, I get the appended.
> >  > 	What have I done wrong?
> >  
> >  Looks like jdk15 isn't completely up to date.  In particular it
> >  looks suspiciously like you have some patches which no longer
> >  exist still there.
> 	Like I said, applied Jung-uk's patch(ports-update-to-jdk15u12.diff).
> Is this no longer operative or somehow defective?  Because I run
> "make clean" before every build attempt.

Its not a matter of make clean.  The problem looked like you had some
patches in the files directory which were no longer applicable.  I suggest
that whatever way you update ports (CVSup, CVS, etc.) you clean out the
jdk15 port and update it.

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