krb5 bug: Do any of the freebsd java folk (Greg?) have an upstream contact?

Jan Grant jan.grant at
Wed Feb 7 16:01:33 UTC 2007

I'm trying to raise a bug with Sun about the 
implementation. Unfortunately this is somewhat hampered by my suffering 
from RSI at the moment.

The problem is a straightforward resource leak, as you can see if you 
look at this:

in particular, at

You'll see that has no close() 
method; and the UDPClient-using code path in 
(which has a few other close-to-the-coalface errors) consequently leaks 
FDs (unlike the TCP path, which has a try/finally that closes the socket 

We're seeing a krb5 client application (the Yale CAS SSO) keel over in 
no time due to FD exhaustion. A trivial fix (the non-whitespace part of 
the diff is 8 lines) sorts this out.

Prepping a test case is somewhat difficult when this email represents 
most of the typing I'm going to get done today :-(


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