trouble getting and installing FreeBSD-Java (2)

Steve Strassmann steve at
Mon Aug 13 11:14:30 PDT 2007

>I replied to an earlier email privately.  Let me know if you didn't get
>that reply.

Hi Greg - my spam filter must have eaten it, sorry. I've whitelisted you,
can you please re-send it to me? Thank you very much for your kind reply.

>The Diablo packages you're attempting to install won't work.  They were
>built for FreeBSD 5.x and simply won't work on FreeBSD 4.x (no operating
>system can be "future compatible").
>Your options are very limited on such an old version of FreeBSD.  If you
>can manage to get a new enough version of Linux emulation working well
>enough you may be able to run the Linux JDK.  Once you've done that you
>may be able to manually compile a native JDK since that version of FreeBSD
>is notionally supported by the latest patchset (although noone has tested
>it on anything older than 4.11).
>Not being able to use the ports system or upgrade the version of FreeBSD
>being used really forces you into a difficult situation for Java support.

I understand. I'm bummed, but what you say makes sense. I guess I need to
take this up with Pair now.

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