trouble getting and installing FreeBSD-Java (2)

Steve Strassmann steve at
Mon Aug 13 05:20:47 PDT 2007

Thank you very much for the prompty reply. I'm sorry about cc'ing Greg.

Since I am on a FreeBSD machine hosted (and managed) by, I don't have
sudo, and I am not an expert on FreeBSD. A binary like diablo sounds like
just the thing, I'll give it a try. The diablo links you provided sound good,
wouldn't it be a good idea to mention them on pages like or

The only problem is that ( seems to
support only FreeBSD 5.5 and up. It looks like my system is running FreeBSD 4.8,
do you think diablo-jdk-freebsd5.i386. will be ok? Can you
direct me to a URL for the older builds?> uname -v
  FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE #0: Fri Apr 15 13:34:52 EDT 2005     erik5 at


At 5:20 PM +1000 8/13/07, Norberto Meijome wrote:
>On Sat, 11 Aug 2007 14:06:18 -0400
>Steve Strassmann <steve at> wrote:
>> Hi, just to let you know further, I downloaded jdk-1_5_0_12-linux-i586.bin
>> from Sun to see if I could unpack it and apply your patches.
>( I've removed Greg from the CC - Please do not CC people directly - it is rude . The obvious exception is if you already have a thread going with them in after sending to the mailing list. Or if you know them personally ;) ) - I can safely assume Greg doesnt want extra copies of emails ;)
>The ports are part of the system, if you installed them - you can read the handbook ( handily available @ to know more about the ports.
>if you want to go down the path of installing from source, simply do (as root , or use sudo / su ):
>cd /usr/ports/java/jdk15
>make install
>The port will tell you what files you need to download (if you have any missing).
>If you want to save yourself time and troubles, just use a binary distribution like diablo-jdk:
>cd /usr/ports/java/diablo-jdk15
>make install
>this will give you :
>[betom at ayiin] [Mon Aug 13 17:19:37 2007]
>$ java -version
>java version "1.5.0"
>Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build diablo-1.5.0-b01)
>Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build diablo-1.5.0_07-b01, mixed mode)
>Reply back to this thread if you have any problems/questions.
>good luck,
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