java without X11?

Fernan Aguero fernan at
Thu May 4 12:40:03 UTC 2006

+----[ To freebsd-java at <fernan at> (04.May.2006 09:18):
| Hi!
| I was setting up a headless (no X11, no GUI) box and had to
| install java (required by apache-ant and by a java code that
| interacts with an underlying postgresql database).
| I want this box to run only the base system (cut down to
| only essential daemons/processes) and one application
| (postgresql + associated perl/java layers).

[ snipped ]
| I know that a lot of java apps depend on GUI functionality
| provided by the language, but is this java+X11 a thing that
| cannot be separated? (i.e.  X11 is rooted too deep into
| java) or maybe it could be separated and we could have an
| optional WITHOUT_X11 in the various jdk ports?

Now replying to myself. After a couple of google searches,
it seems like yes, X11 (at least before jdk15) was too tied
to java. 

The following, however, suggests that jdk15 can be run in
headless boxes without X11, even when there is java code
that generates and/or works with graphics

I'm not a java expert at all, just a consumer of java tools,
so I can't really think of helping with a non-X11 jdk15 ... but
maybe I can push this on the freebsd-java agenda :) ?

| Thanks,
| Fernan

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