Redistribution of Official FreeBSD JRE

Achilleus Mantzios achill at
Fri Jun 30 07:03:19 UTC 2006

O Chuck McCrobie έγραψε στις Jun 29, 2006 :

Some people here i assume are very well aware of the
legal issues involved in the "SUN","java","BSD" arena,
but anyway its vacation time, so some members of the
community might not have access to their email.

> Okay, IΒ΄ve read the OEM re-distribution terms and the
> end-user license agreement for the official FreeBSD
> java binaries.  I'm confused.
> I would like to develop a Java application and support
> it on FreeBSD.  Eventually, I would like to sell a
> FreeBSD box with my application pre-bundled.
> 1.  For distributing JUST my application, I'm okay in
> terms of JRE licensing.  The customer has the
> responsibility of downloading and installing the JRE.
> 2.  For bundling the JRE WITH my application, it seems
> that for FreeBSD, I must sign various forms and such
> with Sun as an OEM and pay money.  Does the simple
> fact that I bundle the JRE with my application make me
> an OEM and therefore subject to OEM license
> agreements?
> 3.  For bundling the JRE WITH my application on
> hardware with FreeBSD and selling the box, I also must
> sign an OEM agreement and pay Sun some money.
> 4.  For LINUX, it seems I can bundle the JRE with my
> application AND NOT pay money to Sun nor sign OEM
> agreements, etc.  Therefore, I'm NOT considered an OEM
> because the Linux JRE allows bundling with an
> application.
> Are the above understandings correct?
> <troll zone>
> If true, then Linux and the Linux JRE from Sun is more
> Free than FreeBSD - ironic.
> </troll zone>
> Thank you,
> Chuck McCrobie
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