Q) eclipse 3.2 (Callisto)

Yamada Ken Takeshi ken at tydfam.jp
Sun Jul 30 02:55:12 UTC 2006

  Great!! and glad to be some of your help.

  I used jdk1.4.2 and diablo-jdk1.5.0 and successfully compiled without 
any problem, ob course WITHOUT_MOZILLA.
  I run through and found that "Eclipse Platflorm Plug-in Developer 
Resources 3.2.0v20060909m-BBt47n6hlEUsvBO" under "Product Configulation" 
gives 'Plug-in "org.eclipse.platform.source.freebsd.gtk.x86" version "3.1.1" 
referenced by this feature is missing.'

  Otherwise, it works OK so far.

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