Q) eclipse 3.2 (Callisto)

Panagiotis Astithas past at ebs.gr
Wed Jul 26 07:04:42 UTC 2006

Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:
> * Panagiotis Astithas:
>> Jean-Baptiste Quenot wrote:
>>> Seriously, Eclipse 3.2  will be available when one  of us does
>>> the porting effort.  BTW there is a PR in Gnats about SWT 3.2,
>>> maybe it is needed to run Eclipse 3.2.
>> Precisely. When I started working on  eclipse a few years ago, I
>> was scratching my own itch. Unfortunately, I can no longer spare
>> my (severely limited)  free time for such an effort,  so it will
>> have to be done by somebody else.
> I'm trying to do the porting  now.  My first question is: have you
> been  able to  submit the  FreeBSD  patches upstreams  to swt  and
> eclipse projects?

Submit, yes, about a year ago. See:


They are not likely to be included though, since FreeBSD is not a 
supported platform. For what it takes to become one see the wiki link at 
the bottom of the bug report.

Now that I see this bug report again, the os_custom.h patch should not 
be needed now, with the new libtool, IIRC.



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