New JDK release

Dennis Berger db at
Fri Jul 14 13:03:48 UTC 2006

Massimo Lusetti wrote:
> On 7/13/06, martinko <martinkov at> wrote:
>> i'm not sure how to upgrade my diablo-jdk- with the package
>> diablo-jdk-freebsd6.i386. without deinstalling dependent
>> ports.
yeah as pkg_update isn't there anymore. This was exactly my question a 
few days ago.
Well I did it this way.

pkg_delete -f oldpackage
pkg_add newpackage.
pkgdb -F to fix the dependencies

>> please note that i compile from ports everything but with java i'd like
>> to stay with the package. i prefer portupgrade but some other way will
>> be ok too.
> What's the problem with pkg_delete, remember -f is your friend, then 
> pkg_add ?

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