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Mon Oct 24 09:47:13 PDT 2005

I'm using open-xchange on FreeBSD 5.4 and I'm not seeing the exceptions at
all.  Have no problems with webmail.  Using postgresql 8.0.3.

John Rushford
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On 10/24/05 4:57 AM, "Panagiotis Astithas" <past at> wrote:

> Roland Schulz wrote:
>>>> the open-xchange developer say, that the bug I reported as #600
>>>> is probably not an application error but rather freebsd-java related,
>>>> because it only occurs on my freebsd machine.
>>>> Do you think so too? What other information besides those provided in
>>> linked
>>>> bug report do you need?
>>> From the bug report I don't see anything particular to FreeBSD, FWIW.
>>> But then again I have zero experience of open-xchange.
>> In the last comment the ox developer says:
>> Fact is that our test machines are running with pooling and it seems that
>> only FreeBSD is affected - some Debian users brought this up too, but
>> specially for Debian a cron job was the culprit and there is a solution.
>> The initial problem is the "Query was canceled" error message. According to
>> a thread on a similar problem
>> this must be caused by a SIGINT and it is supposed to be FreeBSD specific.
>> Regards
>> Roland Schulz
> Their argument is rather weak: "it works for us, we don't use FreeBSD,
> so it is FreeBSD's fault". The thing is they don't know what is
> triggering this behavior, nor do we, so more scrutiny is necessary.
> The thread on PostgreSQL that you mention is hardly pertinent to the
> issue at hand, since it concerns rather old versions of the system and
> the DBMS.
> I'm interested because I use Java on FreeBSD with PostgreSQL, but I have
> never encountered the issues you have described.
> Cheers,
> Panagiotis
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