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On Friday 14 October 2005 22:59,  the author Wes Peters contributed to the 
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 Re: [SUGGEST] Reform eclipse and eclipse related ports: 

>On Oct 14, 2005, at 10:30 PM, Mark Linimon wrote:
>> On Fri, Oct 14, 2005 at 09:15:07PM -0700, Wes Peters wrote:
>>> I don't mind moving the eclipse ports from java to devel, but all the
>>> other eclipse ports are add-ins to eclipse and should probably be
>>> classified along with eclipse.
>> [adding freebsd-java to the Cc:]
>> For some background, there's been on-and-off discussion on -java
>> about how the java category was never really a good idea.  None of
>> the other languages have their own primary category.  In particular
>> we've completely failed to train our users to send 'java' PRs only
>> for problems with the JVMs and 'ports' PRs for things in ports/java.
>Makes you wonder how much the rest of the ports system would be
>cleaned up with a 'perl' category and all those p5-something-
>something ports got tossed into that basket, doesn't it?
>>> In particular, if eclipse is a 'devel' tool, I don't see how CDT
>>> and phpeclipse are editors.  GEF isn't a graphics library, it's a
>>> graphical emulation framework for eclipse, which is (again) a
>>> development tool.
>> Well, Eclipse is one of these 'suites' that doesn't really fit well
>> in one particular category.  You could make the same argument about
>> OpenOffice, opengroupware, ZendStudio, and so forth.  (These 3 are
>> chosen deliberately because they're scattered in 3 different
>> categories).
>> OpenBSD has a 'productivity' category although what it has in it is
>> more
>> like our 'deskutils'.  Perhaps we should consider co-opting that name?
>I don't know that 'productivity' really describes what these are.  In
>particular, I'm not sure if opengroupware adds productivity or
>subtracts it.  ;^)  Ditto for eclipse, for that matter.  A category
>name that means 'big blobs of software with lots of options' might be
>> (Our "deskutils" is a combination of things like calendar programs and
>> individual GNOME add-ons, so it's a little bit of a mixed bag.
>> However,
>> I'm not sure I can see Eclipse fitting in with those).
>> There is also the fact to consider that at 1624 ports, devel is simply
>> too huge for its own good.  Everything is in there including the
>> kitchen sink.
>devel is one of several categories that has grown useless; www is
>another.  It's certainly worth thinking about a category that
>actually makes sense for these large software systems like openoffice
>and eclipse.
>> Even if we just went with an 'ide' category, there are still 27 ports
>> that would probably fit in there.  Not a lot in my book (and I've
>> always
>> been against anything that would lead us towards having hundreds of
>> categories), but I could see an argument for it, even so.
>> I'll leave the idea of completely reshuffling all the categories for
>> another time, since everyone is probably tired of listening to my own
>> particular views on that.

	My solution is not popular even if it is logical.

I say the ports structure needs a strategy that takes account of the reality 
of tools such as eclipse and soes not hesititate to create entirely new 
categories to meet those new neeeds. When the ports tree logic was defined 
(long ago in comparative computer history) it structure fitted well. 

We now need something like
where all the tools that form part of the eclipse fremework can be grouped 

But this view does not dit well with those who feel there is a virtue in 
preserving the existing structure which I cannot help but regard as an 
anachronism for these newly emerging frameworks which do not fit well into 
the traditional structure.

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