some questions about Java ports

Mikhail Teterin mi+mx at
Mon Oct 3 13:47:24 PDT 2005

> > > so it doesn't make sense to arbitrarily pick one selection criterion
> > > (version) and mix it with the simple yes/no of whether the port uses
> > > Java or not.
> >
> > Why not continue mixing it? The yes/no is, literally, a one-bit value,
> > but many bytes are used to store it.
> You appear to be asking me the same question that my previous quoted reply
> covered.

I meant to show, that picking one selection actually does make sense in my 
opinon -- designating a special variable is redundant. A "historical" reason 
is a perfectly good one to help select, which of the varibles to use. The 
other reason is that the desired Java version will always be there.

> Herve in particular has spent a lot of time both documenting how this works
> and converting ports from using the deprecated syntax to using the newly
> supported syntax.

I sure appreciate it. But hardwork implementing and documenting a design says 
nothing about the design's own merits. I realize, that I was not there, when 
you were designing, but I still can't help pointing at a better choice for 
this bikeshed's roof.


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