building for amd64

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Sat Mar 19 09:09:03 PST 2005

Alexey Zelkin wrote:
> hi,
> It depends on linux-jdk14 which is running well under linux emulation
> for amd64.

Are you sure about this?  Both the Makefile and the pkg-descr are quite 
insistent on the fact that its a i386 port, not a amd64 one, and I do 
not want to turn this machine into a i386 lookalike, as far as libs and 
I couldn't convince the uname anyways.  Nearly all software would 
autodetect the arch and refuse to run.

  Recompile your kernel with COMPAT_LINUX32 and LINPROCFS
> options, mount linprocfs, and proceed per jdk15 port's instructions.
> On Fri, Mar 18, 2005 at 05:45:54PM +0000, Chuck Robey wrote:
>>as recommended, I just finished downloading all the jdk15 files, and 
>>began buiding jdk15, for my machine, which is a dual opteron.  I do NOT 
>>want to have a i386 compiler on this machine , as I said in earlier 
>>mails, so that the jdk15 seemed to be my only choice.
>>Well, imagine my surprise to find out that the jdk15 port depends on 
>>having a jdk14 port installed?  I can't have the jdk14, that has been 
>>discussed here, so how can I build a jdk15?
>>Is there any workaround, or could anybody else legally help me out?
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