can't get there from here

Chuck Robey chuckr at
Fri Mar 18 13:24:04 PST 2005

It appears that I have hint one more roadblock in trying to build java 
on the amd64, so I'd appreciate a suggestion.  I will gladly try things, 
and I won't jump on you if you guess wrong, so help, if you can.

The current problem is, I can't build jdk14 directly, it's broken for 
amd64.  I can't build jdk15 directly, it needs a jdk14 bootstrap.  The 
only bootstrap that's available is the Linux java, but the Linux java 
(at least the Sun one) needs the Linux_base -8 port, and that's only 
available for the i386, I can't get it for the amd64.

Is any version of the jdk14 transferable?  If I can just get one 
temporarily long enough to build the jdk15, I will gladly even let 
lender onto my system to verify that I destroyed the copy.

I'm only trying to get java, fellas.

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