Bug eclipse ---help requested

Alex Varju alex at varju.ca
Sun Jun 5 04:05:22 GMT 2005

The file I pointed to is a replacement for the java/eclipse-devel 
directory.  Change to /usr/ports and untar it from there.


Vizion wrote:
> On Saturday 04 June 2005 20:45,  the author Alex Varju contributed to the 
> dialogue on-
>  Re: Bug eclipse ---help requested: 
>>I've prepared an initial port of 3.1RC1, if you are interested.  I
>>haven't downloaded the Linux package yet to compare file locations, but
>>at first glance the help contents appear to display correctly after
>>configuring an external browser.
>>The port files are here:
>>  http://www.varju.ca/alex/freebsd/eclipse-devel-3.1RC1-1.tgz
>>I'll probably submit a PR for this in the next day or two.
> Hey thanks -
> You are great I would like to try and build straight away........
>   but sorry to be a bit dense - all I got was a directory listing of the 
> contents not a file to download -- am I missing something.
> David
>>Vizion wrote:
>>>On Saturday 04 June 2005 18:29,  the author Alex Varju contributed to the
>>>dialogue on-
>>> Re: Bug eclipse ---help requested:
>>>>It looks like you are using the eclipse 3.1M7 milestone.
>>>Yes ..That is the one the current port /usr/ports/java/eclipse-devel/ port
>>>>There are
>>>>problems with the help system in the current patchset, which I haven't
>>>>had any time to track down yet.
>>> Yep I am as I presume you saw from my emails. The weird thing is it looks
>>>to me as though the files are not where eclipse expects them to be AND not
>>>all the files may be being transfered to the /usr/local/eclipse tree. I do
>>>not know because I am so new to eclipse I feel unable to make a valuable
>>>contribution. I have posted your comments top the eclipse newcomers
>>>>3.1RC1 is out now, so I'm looking into updating the eclipse-devel port
>>>>to match this.  If I have some time, I'll try to get help working, but
>>>>I'm not optimistic.
>>>I hope you can get some input from the eclipse team
>>>>Last time I looked at the help, non-Windows support was pretty flaky.
>>>>They appeared to be making some calls that assumed a specific Mozilla
>>>>API, which no longer worked well with newer versions of Mozilla.  I'm
>>>>not sure if the current state of affairs has changed, or if I even fully
>>>>understood why things were failing.
>>>It looks to me as though the files get in the wrong directories but I
>>>cannot find out how one controls where eclipse looks for the help files.
>>>Does it have anything to do with the files having/not having a release
>>>suffix on the files/fdirectory  name?
>>>>Vizion wrote:
>>>>>On Saturday 04 June 2005 16:47,  the author Vizion contributed to the
>>>>>dialogue on-
>>>>>Bug eclipse ---help requested:
>>>>>>I have been asked to post some more information about the eclipse bug:
>>>>>>Basically the whole help and information system does not work . See
>>>>>>earlier mail asking for committer to upgrade ports tree to 3.02 which
>>>>>>people on the eclipse newcomers newsgroup seem to think should solve the
>>>>>>problem (I am uncertain whether that means including a new fix). If
>>>>>>someone is taking alook at this could you please let me know.
>>>>>>Here are the details:
>>>>>>OS 5.3 SDK5
>>>>>>Browser is used to deliver help service and has following message:
>>>>>>"The document that you have requested is not available. The link may be
>>>>>>wrong, or you may not have the corresponding product feature installed."
>>>>>>For these identified links on the Eclipse Overview Page
>>>>>>Link: Team Support-
>>>>>>us er %2Fconcepts%2Fconcepts-26.htm Link: Workbench Basics-
>>>>>>us er %2Fconcepts%2Fconcepts-2.htm Link: Java Development-
>>>>>>2F ge ttingStarted%2Fqs-BasicTutorial.htm Link: Plugin Development-
>>>>>>%2F gu ide%2Fpde.htm For this link on the Help menu:
>>>>>>Link: Help Contents - (no way to get any help/info documents)
>>>>>>The eclipse process is running:
>>>>>>dns1# ps -aux | grep eclipse
>>>>>>Sysadmin 13692  0.0  0.4  9060 3844  ??  I     2:10PM
>>>>>>0:00.03 /usr/local/eclipse/eclipse
>>>>>>Clearly eclipse has opened the port:
>>>>>>dns1# netstat -a
>>>>>>Active Internet connections (including servers)
>>>>>>Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address       
>>>>>>(state) tcp4       0      0  dns1.58830            
>>>>>>pop.coxmail.com.pop3 TIME_WAIT tcp4       0      0  dns1.51514
>>>>>>mail.ixpres.com.pop3   TIME_WAIT tcp4       0      0  *.58914
>>>>>>  *.*                    LISTEN tcp46      0      0  *.http
>>>>>>  *.*                    LISTEN tcp4       0      0  dns1.smtp
>>>>>>  *.*                    LISTEN udp4       0      0  *.*
>>>>>>  *.*
>>>>>>udp4       0      0  *.syslog               *.*
>>>>>>udp6       0      0  *.syslog               *
>>>>>>Within the eclipse file hierarchy an up to date locate database shows
>>>>>>the following index.jsp files:
>>>>>>dns1# locate eclipse | grep index.jsp
>>>>>>js p
>>>>>>p /usr/local/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.help.webapp_3.1.0/index.jsp
>>>>>>nc ed/ index.jsp
>>>>>>/i n dex.jsp
>>>>>>.j s p
>>>>>>fo l der/jsp.jar.src/advanced/index_jsp.java
>>>>>>fo l der/jsp.jar.src/basic/index_jsp.java
>>>>>>fo l der/jsp.jar.src/index_jsp.java
>>>>>>we b app_3.1.0/advanced/index.jsp
>>>>>>we b app_3.1.0/basic/index.jsp
>>>>>>we b app_3.1.0/index.jsp
>>>>>>The following platform.doc.user files/directories are found within
>>>>>>/usr/local dns1# locate eclipse | grep platform.doc.user
>>>>>>.e cl ipse.osgi/manifests/org.eclipse.platform.doc.user_3.1.0.MF
>>>>>>pl a tform.doc.user_3.1.0.MF
>>>>>>_An t UI.xml
>>>>>>Co m pare.xml
>>>>>>Ex t ernalTools.xml
>>>>>>Se a rch.xml
>>>>>>Te a m.xml
>>>>>>Te a m_CVS.xml
>>>>>>Up d ate.xml
>>>>>>Wo r kbench.xml
>>>>>>xi s ts.htm
>>>>>>tm l
>>>>>>o pe rties
>>>>>>rt. h tm
>>>>>>n ce pts.xml
>>>>>>tt i ngStarted.xml
>>>>>>fe r ence.xml
>>>>>>sk s .xml
>>>>>>.p n g
>>>>>>There are the same number  of files/directories in
>>>>>>hierarchy that are identical to the file names listed above.
>>>>>>The only files found by
>>>>>>dns1# locate eclipse | grep help/
>>>>>>are in the /usr/ports/java/eclipse-devel/work/plugins/or.eclipse.help/
>>>>>>I am wondering whether help files were correctly processed/transfered 
>>>>>>to the correct locations in the /usr/local/eclipse/plugins/ hierarchy -
>>>>>>but there are so many files in such a complex system that makes it
>>>>>>difficult for a newcomer to eclipse to tell which files are meant to be
>>>>>>where [and what directory/file transformations need to take place (if
>>>>>>So I am hoping someone with a lot more experience than I can help
>>>>>>resolve the problem. I really need eclipse to work for me
>>>>>I am now totally confused . it seems the bug fix maybe on the *M series
>>>>>tree and has nothing to do with the 3.02 tree!!
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