freebsd eclipse plugins & mailing list

Panagiotis Astithas past at
Fri Aug 26 08:50:53 GMT 2005

Frank Staals wrote:
> Vizion wrote:
>> Hi
>> Two suggestions
>> I am wondering if there is any mileage in modifying the ports 
>> collection to include a
>> /ports/java/eclipseplugins/ hierarchy
>> and giving commit priviledges to members of this list who are willing 
>> to test eclipse plugins and add them to the ports.
>> Personally I would be in favor of also creating a 
>> freebsd-eclipse at mailing list but I am not certain how much 
>> interest there might be. If there is enough support I would be willing 
>> to help set it up.
>> david
> Hey,
> As I replied before here on freebsd-java at on such thread, I 
> don't see why we should create a seperate 'category' with 
> eclipse-plugins since the 'find updates' function in Eclipse 3.1 does 
> everything for you. Eclipse 3.1 can currently be found in the ports tree 
> as eclipse-devel ( it has to be patched from 3.1M7 --> 3.1 if it hasn't 
> changed ). Therefor I don't see the need of seperate eclipse-plugins in 
> the portstree. What would be nice was a complete list of plugins 
> available for eclipse, but that is more for the site to be 
> added, not FreeBSD specific.

Actually java/eclipse-devel has been marked as IGNORE and java/eclipse 
contains the 3.1 version as of some weeks ago.

> About the mailinglist. I'm currently following the java lists for about 
> half a year now and I can't realy say my mailbox is flooding with 
> e-mails from it. So I think it would'nt benefit anyone creating a 
> seperate mailinglist for eclipse.
> -Frank Staals


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