Barcode help

Angelo Turetta aturetta at
Fri Aug 12 11:48:20 GMT 2005

Lukman Jaji wrote:

> Hi all,
>    I am sorry i have not been so active for almost a yr now. I need u guys to help me with a little info on barcodes.
>  I have an inventory management software and i need to incorporate a barcode printing capanilities on it. Can i get a code snippet to do this,,,,any of the barcodes types of Code 39, Code 128B, etc.

Here is a small sample using the library iText to produce PDF files 
containing barcodes. It's a small quick&dirt program I did when I had to 
help my wife printing some sheets full of barcode labels (she owns a 
retail shop)
Just unzip in an empty dir, and put itext-1.2.1.jar in the same 
directory (if you get a different version, edit build.xml at line 114 
accordingly), then 'ant test' should produce a PDF file.

Barcode printers are generally wired via RS232 or USB: you can use them 
from a Java program in FreeBSD, but I think you need to find (or write 
yourself) a library implementing the specific protocol of your printer.


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