should not jint be as wide as void* ?

Conrad J. Sabatier conrads at
Sun Aug 7 17:49:55 GMT 2005

On 06-Aug-2005 Mikhail T. wrote:
> Hello!
> Looking deep into Mozilla's LiveConnect sources (under
> mozilla/sun-java/stubs/include/) I gather, jint really
> wants to be intptr_t -- not a mere int as, for example,
> jdk1.5.0/include/freebsd/jni_md.h makes it out to be.
> Can anyone comment? Thanks!
>       -mi
> P.S. Obviously, I'm trying to make things work perfectly
> on amd64 :-)

I think you're right about this.  I've run into problems due to exactly
this while trying to build a native amd64 big integer library for
freenet (in Contrib/NativeBigInteger from freenet's CVS repo).  The
build succeeds, but crashes at runtime at exactly the point where the
compiler warns about an incompatible pointer type.

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