Azureus port skeleton for testing

Herve Quiroz hq at
Thu Oct 7 06:50:49 PDT 2004


I am glad to see someone finally made a port for this tool. That would
indeed be a good addition to the ports collection.

I will test your port when I get some free time (I need to install
eclipse as well). However, I a few comments by just looking at the

First, the Makefile itself:

- A quick portlint give me the following output:

    WARN: Makefile: "EXTRACT_ONLY" has to appear earlier.
    WARN: Makefile: "DISTFILES" has to appear earlier.
    WARN: Makefile: "EXTRACT_ONLY" has to appear earlier.
    0 fatal errors and 3 warnings found.

- It is generally not a good idea to install JAR files in ${PREFIX}/bin.
  As suggested in [1], a Java application should install its data files
  (such as its JAR files) in an overriden ${DATADIR} which is set to

- Not mandatory: if you install the JAR file in ${DATADIR} and wish to
  remove the entire pkg-plist file, just add the following line in

    PLIST_FILES= bin/Azureus %%DATADIR%%/Azureus2.jar

- The right way to install a script shell is by using ${INSTALL_SCRIPT}.
  To install a JAR file OTOH, I would suggest ${INSTALL_DATA} rather
  than just ${CP} to let the port install the file with correct owner,
  group and modes.

- "Date created: October 6, 2003" <- I think you mean 2004 ;)

- I don't have any pointer to justify my point but I am pretty sure
  porters are encouraged to name their ports using lowercase characters.
  I could be wrong so please anyone tell me if this is not the case.

Second, looking at your shell script in files/, there are some things
you may improve:

- Too many paths are hardcoded. You may use %%PREFIX%% for instance and
  perform some sed magic in 'do-configure' target. Don't forget to
  differenciate ${PREFIX} (for everything related to the current port)
  and ${LOCALBASE} (for everything else, such as Eclipse stuff).

- The same goes for the path of the 'java' executable. You could rather
  use the same kind of sed magic to replace %%JAVA%% with ${JAVA}.

That said, this is just a quick review as I don't have enough time ATM.
If nobody else handles this port by the next days, I will probably
handle this myself. In such a case, you may send a PR and CC me. We're
still under ports CVS tree freeze ATM, so there's no hurry here.


[1] Porter's Handbook - Using Java - Best practices

On Wed, Oct 06, 2004 at 08:27:07PM +0000, Jeremy Faulkner wrote:
> This is just a first cut to test the functionality of the port. The
> start-up script "Azureus" still has hardcoded variables that need to be
> sorted out. I am also aware that some graphics do not display properly
> in GUI, namely the "torrent health" and completion status bars (file and
> pieces tabs).
> This port requires the Eclipse port because of eclipse's SWT libraries,
> and will continue to do so until a separate port can be created for the
> SWT libraries needed by both Eclipse and Azureus (and any other Java
> application that uses SWT).
> -- 
> Jeremy Faulkner <gldisater at>

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