Java support for AMD64 Options

Michael Vince mv at
Mon Oct 4 16:54:06 PDT 2004

I am going to be setting up a JSP server and I have ordered a Dell 1850 
EMT64 x2 Intel server with 4gigs of ram, if there is no native java 
support what other options are there? can I run the 32bit native java 
for FreeBSD or how well would the linux java run under load on it?

If I have to I will install regular 32bit FreeBSD on the server but it 
would be nice to be able to run the AMD64 port of the OS.

Any comments would be appreciated

> Hi,
> Anyone can tell me what is status of native java port for AMD64 platform?
> Same question should consider eclipse - native java required - so if 
> we get native java for AMD64, we should get running all other stuff 
> such as eclipse, tomcat, or it's much more problematic?
> I would appreciate any URLs answering this problem, could be private 
> if this question isn't in focus now.
> Best Regards,
> Lee
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