Chris Doherty chris-freebsd at randomcamel.net
Thu Mar 25 22:05:57 PST 2004

On Thu, Mar 25, 2004 at 04:10:34PM +0100, Gabriel Ambuehl said: 
> > However, instead of paying 10-17k per CPU, why not run jboss?
> Well for some people, it's open source OS=good, free application
> server=bad. But I agree, if you don't desperately need some non
> standard feature only present in Weblogic (and if you, chances are
> your app has got some design issues), I wouldn't ever use it.

I find it fairly presumptuous and vaguely insulting to equate the use of
vendor-specific features with poor application design. I'm not sure about
the state of the art now, but not that long ago application servers like
ATG Dynamo had a wealth of features unavailable in free software that made
the loss of portability quite worthwhile.

the original question was not "Which application server should I use?",
but "Has anyone tried Weblogic on FreeBSD?". criticizing choices without
context or background doesn't answer either question.


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