java/63818: build but not with compiler specified

Greg Lewis glewis at
Sun Mar 7 22:45:25 PST 2004

On Sat, Mar 06, 2004 at 11:23:51PM +0100, regis rampnoux wrote:
> On 06-Mar-2004 Jonathan Chen wrote:
> > Eh? Mozilla Firefox (previously Firebird) compiles fine under -STABLE
> > using the default system compiler under ports. What sort of problems
> > are you getting?
> The problem is not with firefox (or firebird, I have not yet updated because a
> site was not working with it).
> But another software which don't compile under gcc 2.95 et needed 3.x ... I
> used of course gcc 3.33 to compile GTK2 libs and other libs. (I don't remember
> which was the software).
> Is jdk14 compatible with gcc 3.x?

Yes, it certainly is.  That is what is used on 5.x to compile it.  It just
doesn't currently support overriding the system compiler.  You're welcome
to submit patches to do so though :).

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