Native Java plugin on FreeBSD

Peter Schuller peter.schuller at
Thu Mar 4 20:00:35 PST 2004


despite having much experience with Java as a language and platform I've never 
been able to wrap my head around how the Java Plugin is supposed to work 
(other than that it "just did" in some rare combination of circumstances on a 
Debian box once). The hints I did find (based on Linux instructions) says to 
symlink to ~/.mozilla/plugins or the global plugins 
directory at /usr/X11R6/lib/mozilla/plugins/

The first option had no effect.

The second option works to the point that the JVM is either started or almost 
started, based on the disk/cpu activity when trying to run the first applet 
in a session. However all applets fail ("not inited") for reasons I have not 
been able to determine.


* What could I do in order to see what's going on? (I.e. where can I find 
potential error output?)
* Am I doing the 'installation' correctly - i.e., just symlinking the 
appropriate library?

This is using the native JDK 1.4.2-p5 and Mozilla 1.6 (native).


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