Writing SOFTWARE Synthesizer

Michael E. Mercer mmercer at nc.rr.com
Sun Jan 4 11:19:10 PST 2004

Currently, Java 1.4 has code that is hard-coded to be 
half-duplex. Meaning, you have to close the input stream in order to
play to the output stream.

You can re-compile the src, changing NO_FULL_DUPLEX to FULL_DUPLEX in

Hope this helps...


On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 13:34, Kyryll A Mirnenko wrote:
>   My problem is to write pure-java software midi to wave convertor,
> saying simply Synthesizer. Just to get midi output back to audio
> input.
>   I've found Java has internal software synth., but I really can't
> find a way to get the synthesized sound back to produce WAV.
>   If you're familiar with Java Sound API, REPLY!
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