SWT 3.0?

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at buz.ch
Tue Feb 17 06:07:54 PST 2004

Hello Achilleus,

Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 2:58:45 PM, you wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm considering switching to FreeBSD as desktop (from W2K)and from all I see,
>> the remaining major issue is that there is no SWT 3.0 for it. I need
>> Eclipse 3.0 and I also want to use Azureus.
>> So is anyone working on a SWT port? Or am I required to go with Linux
>> for now?

> Eclipse 2.1 runs great. (from the ports collection).

Mhh maybe I look into that as to how they ported SWT 2.X as a base to
porting SWT 3.X

> What new features are in 3.0 ?

Well I haven't actually looked into 2.1 very much but I always want
the latest and greatest piece of software for my uses. And anyway, I
really need Azureus ;-) (NFW I'm gonna go back to Python based

Best regards,

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