jboss3 port doesn't work

Andrea Sansottera andrea.sansottera at fastwebnet.it
Mon Sep 15 05:04:08 PDT 2003

On Sun, 2003-09-14 at 22:32, Jonathan Chen wrote:
> JBoss needs is usually started by root on boot, with:
>     # /usr/local/etc/rc.d/020.jboss3.sh start
That's ok, in fact I supposed it to start at boot time. Then I tried to
start it manually.
> This will make JBoss run with the "www" uid. You can also add yourself
> to the "www" group, and start it with:
>     $  jboss3ctl start
> However, there *is* a problem with the port. You need to do the following
> first:
>     # chown www /usr/local/jboss3.2 /usr/local/jboss3.2/server/*
> Otherwise JBoss won't start up properly with the "www" uid.
Thank you very much, I'll try later. It was difficult to find out such a
"bug" reading JBoss output... Anyway, just a simply line has to be added
to the port Makefile. Has it been already fixed or posted to the port


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