jdk14 patchset 4-pre1

Alexey Zelkin phantom at FreeBSD.org.ua
Wed Sep 10 03:09:50 PDT 2003


We are reached RE stage of jdk14 patchset 4 release process.  Snapshot
of BSD/Java CVS is available as 'Experemental' patchset from usual
patchsets location (http://www.eyesbeyond.com/freebsddom/java/jdk14.html).

Most of problems reported are fixed here, but some still in progress
of catching.  Following bugs are known and not yet fixed:

. 'runaway processes' -- sometimes (once per 100-800 executions) fork()'ed
  proceses get deadlocked because of SIGBUS storm (i.e. blocked, but not
  handled by JVM signals).  Usual symptoms - process which does nothing, but
  utilizes a lot of system time.

. Drag and Drop in AWT and SWING applications.

. IPv6 issues with -CURRENT (actually IPv6 disabled again, since broken
  IPv6 support is also brokes IPv4 support as well).

If you're somehow familiar with these areas and would like to help catching
these up, please contact me.

Please give a try to this patchset and report me any problems.  Final
patchset 4 release is proposed to be released next week (before 4.9 release)

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