freebsddom and java's flaming hoops

Greg Lewis glewis at
Wed Oct 22 11:56:16 PDT 2003

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 11:34:55AM -0700, Kurt Werle wrote:
> If I really want to, I can grab the Java sources.  No matter who ships
> what, you always have to NDA to SUN if you want Java source.  I just want
> the binaries.  For that, I shouldn't need to jump hoops.  (NOTE 
> **SHOULD** not need to - this is the ideal)

You're somewhat misguided here.

Fact 1: Downloading a Java binary for Solaris/Linux/Windows from the Java
        site requires you to agree to a click through license.
Fact 2: Downloading a Java binary for FreeBSD from the FresBSD Foundation
        site requires you to agree to a click through license.

Note that Fact 2 is _enforced_ by the licensing agreement with Sun.  This
isn't something that is going to change.  If you want to try and change
it, then complain to Sun.  They required these terms in the license.

> > if you want an OS producer that can and does act like a closed-source
> > for-profit corporation, there are at least two for you to choose
> > from. enjoy.
> Do you mean FreeBSD producers?  Who and who?  If I can buy a CD that would
> get me a solid FreeBSD system with Java included, I'll STFU.

Let me repeat myself.  I know of at least one FreeBSD vendor who plans to
do this for the FreeBSD 4.9 release.

Again though, you are complaining to the wrong people.  Noone here can
force a FreeBSD vendor to put Java on their FreeBSD CD-ROMs.

> 2 points:
> 1.  I am in a position to complain.  I'm a user.  It's what users do. 
> It's up to suppliers to decide whether the users should get what they want
> (yeah, that's a somewhat rhetorical statement).

Ok, so complain to said suppliers.  Complaining on this list just fills
the list with meaningless noise.

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