Diskspace requirements for patchset 5

Markus Svensson markus.svensson2 at spray.se
Mon Nov 17 08:07:31 PST 2003

I would estimate that it took about two hours to build on my rig (Athlon
XP 1800+, 1GB RAM), and it says that it needs about 1,7 gig of space to
build IIRC.

Best Regards,
Markus Svensson

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> Hello,
> 	I have a native JDK1.4 built with patchset 3.
> If I want to build the new JDK with patchset 5 how much
> diskspace would I need at the minimum to build the package?
> A rough estimate would be good..
> 	Also how long does it take to build the new JDK from
> ports?
> 	Thanks
> Aniruddha
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