J2ME on FreeBSD?

Panagiotis Astithas past at noc.ntua.gr
Tue Nov 11 23:44:51 PST 2003

On Wednesday 12 November 2003 08:53, Markus Svensson wrote:
> Hi there!
> Did you use the Linux version of Sun's Wireless Toolkit to develop your
> software, or what emulator did you use? Others have reported problems
> working with Sun's emulator on FBSD, did you have to do anything special
> to get it working?

I suppose he is referring to the full blown P800 emulator provided by Sony 
Ericsson and not the P800 skin they provide for Sun's Wireless Toolkit. This 
beast contains Java, Perl and native code, so probably a good share of it 
would run in FreeBSD. I haven't tried yet, but I had some minor issues with 
it even in Windows. 

Panagiotis Astithas
Electrical & Computer Engineer, PhD
Network Management Center
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

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