JDK v1.5

Lapinski, Michael (Research) lapinski at crd.ge.com
Thu Aug 28 05:26:29 PDT 2003

Worst case scenarios you can use the linux jdk1.5 if fbsd one isnt yet

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> [Lapinski, Michael (Research)]
> I think your jumping the gun a bit (or I missed something), Sun hasn't 
> even released their 1.5 jdk.

Sorry if that was implied - I should have been clearer.

> How could the fbsd java team create one?

I was meaning once Sun have released the 1.5 JDK, how long is expected
before a 1.5 JDK is runable on FreeBSD.

e.g. if Sun releases 1.5 JDK on November 10th, we would be looking at a 6 -
9 month lead time before a FreeBSD release would be fesable.

I was expecting the answer to be circumstantially based on the alpha / beta
1.5 JDKs which are already availiable (at least they are to teams like
Eclispe / JetBrains [who do the IDEA Java IDE] and other major Java
developers). If the answer is "we have no idea", thats fine too.

I am writing up a projection for the impact of what v1.5 will mean for our
product (how it will help and, if we use 1.5 features, how long will it be
before the servers (linux, mac osx, windows, freebsd) we use will be able to
support the new class files). I would like to be as accurate as I can -
hence the seemingly unanswerable question.

Thanks for your understanding.

Dan Hardiker

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