JDK 1.4.2-beta

Alexey Zelkin phantom at FreeBSD.org.ua
Wed Apr 16 01:55:42 PDT 2003

On Wed, Apr 16, 2003 at 11:42:40AM +0300, Panagiotis Astithas wrote:
> Alexey Zelkin wrote:
> > Opposite statement -- Java Source License (holding by FreeBSD Foundation).
> > But there's still lot of work before I'll switch from SCSL to Sun Partner
> > Sources... :(
> I wonder how would these two differ. Do you get the sources to some 
> com.sun.* classes with the Sun Partner Sources, or maybe use their 
> up-to-date CVS/SCCS/whatever repository?

Did not even checked it.  Most notable difference between SCSL and SPS
is up-do-date sources.  I.e. sources released under SCSL usually
are releasing about 2 months after acutal release and are just snapshot
of tree.  And SPS sources access (as I understand) provide access to
today's sources with all bugfixes, but without possibility to make
source release (i.e. it's not possible to release patchsets or anyting
like that).  After switch to SPS we'll have binary releases only.

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