SIGBUS on FreeBSD 4.7-S / Native JDK 1.3

Greg Lewis glewis at
Fri Apr 11 12:36:58 PDT 2003

Hi Ernst,

On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 11:49:56AM +0100, Ernst de Haan wrote:
> We're in the middle of deploying quite a large frontend application on 
> Tomcat 4. We'd prefer to deploy on J2SE 1.3/FreeBSD, but we're getting 
> SIGBUS errors. Currently we're using these versions:
> * Tomcat 4.1.24
> * JDK 1.3.1p7
> * FreeBSD 4.7-STABLE (Compiled @ 2002.11.18/14:56:20 CET)
> * x86 SMP system (Dual P4, I think)
> I see a number of alternative solutions:
> * Upgrade to FreeBSD 4.8 (I remember there were some Java-related
>   improvements after Nov 2002, right?)

Native threading only.

> * Upgrade to JDK 1.3.1p8

This may solve your problem.

> * Set MAXUSERS to 0 in the kernel config file and recompile and install the
>   kernel (I remember this solved some native JDK problem in the past)

I've never heard of that :).

> * Use a different J2SE VM (I don't really want to do this)
> * Examine the core file to see what exactly went wrong

This is particularly helpful if you can get a core generated with java_g.

> Any suggested approach?

Upgrade to 1.3.1p8 and see if you can reproduce the problem, particularly
with java_g.  There was at least one SIGBUS fixed by p8.

> Would any of you be able to examine the contents of this core file? I have 
> no experience with that sort of thing whatsoever :(

My time is pretty limited right now, but if the problem still occurs after
upgrading to 1.3.1p8 I'll try and take a look.

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