Tutorial for Hierarchical Jails?

Edwin Shao edwin.shao at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 12:31:18 UTC 2009

Does anyone have a walkthrough for how to get hierarchical jails to work?
I've been playing around with it for a couple of days and it simply is not
working. I would like to know if anyone has gotten it to work, and if so,

The error I tend to get within a jail (starting another child jail) is:
hyper# ./jail start
Configuring jails:.
Starting jails: cannot start jail "neko":

I'm using very basic steps as outlined in <
http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en/books/handbook/jails-intro.html> and I am
easily getting the jails to work in the non-jailed highest level system.

What I have done to troubleshoot so far:
* Installed from scratch 8.0-RC1 ISO, make buildworld from scratch 8.0-RC1
* Created very liberal sysctls.
* Tried different combinations of disabling/enabling mounted systems such as
devfs, procfs, etc.
* Tried modifying different module fs to enable the "jail" flag.

This is under a clean install of 8.0-RC1. I'd be happy to provide additional
information for troubleshooting, but I'm not even sure what's going wrong.
It'd probably be more helpful for you to just let me know what you did to
get it wroking.


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