AW: Problem with Apache in Jail

Scheithauer, Lars (FH) Lars.Scheithauer at
Thu Nov 19 14:04:13 UTC 2009

On a follow-up:
I just recognized, that I may access the vhost correctly from the server itself via lynx, but I am still unable to access any vhost from the outside (I can access the default by ip, though).

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Hi Miroslav,

the system is a FreeBSD 8.0-rc3 with apache22.

nslookup is working fine - I did not enter the vhosts name into the /etc/hosts before, but even adding it doesn't change the problem.

Any other ideas I might check out?

Best Regards,

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Scheithauer, Lars (FH) wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've started to install an apache22 in a freebsd-jail and have a
> problem. The jail has a public ip address, so from what I know, I
> wouldn't have to forward any packages to it. I can reach the apache22
> server by ip-address, but not by its DNS - the connection gets
> "disrupted". I can successfully nslookup the DNS and if I watch the
> traffic of the browser via wireshark, I see that it sends packages to
> the server, but the server doesn't send any packages back. I also do not
> find any traces of the connection attempt in the apache-logs.
> The config-files of the apache are correct and read (tested by entering
> some false configs and the server refused to start afterwards - and as
> said I'm able to access it by its ip).
> Now, is there any way that this could be caused by the jail?

You did not post what version and architecture you are using...
But I am runing several jails with Apache or Lighttpd without any issues 
(on 6.3 i386 and 7.2 i386 + amd64).
So I expect some misconfiguration on your side.

Are you sure you have correct DNS entries pointing to right IP and you 
have working resolv.conf inside jail? What about /etc/hosts?

Miroslav Lachman
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