Importing sources to build the basejail.

Bastien Semene bsemene at
Thu Jan 8 10:07:07 UTC 2009


I'm new to the list and unfortunately I come with a problem.

My problem is that jails cannot start pseudo terminals. I found the 
"software" problem but I think the origin is out there.
The host OS (FreeBSD 7.0) has been installed by a procedure from my 
server provider, but it doesn't contain the src.
So I imported the src from another FreeBSD 7.0 server. It worked for 
making world and building the basejail but generated the following error 
and maybe others I can't see for the moment.

So I wish to find a safe way to import sources to build a correct 
basejail. If anyone can point me a place where to find it or some 
advices I'll be glad.
Thank you.

Bastien Semene
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