Acces to apache log.

Alain Wolf wolf at
Fri Jun 20 03:18:12 UTC 2008

On 19.06.2008 17:47, Albert Shih wrote:
> Hi all
> I'm using FreeBSD with jail. On those jail I'm running apache and tomcat
> (not apache/tomcat, but apache and tomcat not in same jail of course).
> Now my user (developper team) want to have access to tomcat log and apache
> log for debugging.
> I really prefer to not grant ssh access to my developper (the code is push
> with subversion). 
> How can I do that ? Make the acces to apache-log and tomcat-log (or anything log)
> to my users ? 
> Regards.

Ours access log-files trough a protected website.

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