routing gif0 ipsec

Nicolas de Bari Embriz Garcia Rojas nbari at
Mon Apr 28 15:56:50 UTC 2008

Hi all, I am trying to all trafic from a gif0 interface used for a vpn  
to an public IP on the same server that is like an alias

I have the following schema (FreeBSD 6.3)

gif0: flags=8051<UP,POINTOPOINT,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1280
        tunnel inet -->
        inet --> netmask 0xffffffff

        inet netmask 0xfffffff8 broadcast
        inet netmask 0xffffffff broadcast

The VPN from point --> works, I can ping/ 
telnet to and get a response.

The jail is running on IP (same IP used for doing the  
VPN/IPSEC) but if I log int to that jail (jexec 1 csh) I can not ping

currently I  am trying this with pf
nat pass on gif0 from to ->
rdr pass on gif0 proto tcp from any to any port 80 ->

pass in log from any to any keep state
pass out log from any to any keep state
but is not working, from the jail ( I can not ping/ 
telnet the VPN

there is a tool call jumpgate with the one I can redirect incoming tcp  
to gif0 and forward trafic to em1 with out problems, but instead I  
would like to use pf

jumpgate -b -l 80 -r 80 -a

with this i can telnet from the other end point to por 80 and i can  
forward the connection to the public IP of the jail through the vpn  

any ideas on how to solve this issue using pf or maybe some routing  


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