Hierarchical jails - any current work?

James Gritton jamie at gritton.org
Wed Sep 19 12:30:51 PDT 2007

Pawel Jakub Dawidek wrote:
> Something like this:
> 	http://garage.freebsd.pl/mljail.README
> I did it some time ago, and this is one of the feature for new jail
> implementation with is beeing designed

Yes, that's just the thing I'm talking about, so it looks like I have 
indeed be reinventing something.  (The jail scheduling work of cdjones 
it something else I'm interested in, but for another time).

Now the question becomes: how much jail work is out there, and what's 
the likelihood is it seeing the light of day in a released kernel?  I 
hate to be going about coding stuff that's been done before (well, 
actually I enjoy coding it but you know...), but I only ever see 
snippets of jail work mentioned here and there and nothing ever seems to 
get anywhere official.  I figured the place to talk about this was the 
freebsd-jail mailing list, but it seems to be mostly for stuff like 
"getting app X to work in a jail" or "the current jail rc scripts have 
this or that deficiency."  That's why I cross-mailed to freebsd-hackers 
- maybe more appropriate there?

Where's the secret place people really go to communicate this kind of 
thing?  I've done a lot of work in the general jail-like area, and while 
much of it it the same as others' I'd like to share what isn't.  Of 
course, with other people's jail-related projects staying on the 
sidelines so long - and that by those with "@freebsd.org" stature - one 
wonders if there's a point.  I don't mean to sound down on anything, 
just wondering what the state of the "jail community" is.  Or where it is.

- Jamie

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