All-in-one Server

Leander Damme mail at
Wed Feb 10 17:13:44 UTC 2010

> On 10/02/2010 13:58, Odhiambo Washington wrote:
>> Hello sysadmins,
>> Happy New Year (2010)!
>> Anyone knows if I can build a FreeBSD box that has:
>> Firewall /Gateway /Mail Server Solution with
>> the following capabilities:
>> .       http, pop, smtp, and imap email access.
>> .       Global Address List facility
>> .       Personal Address List facility
>> .       Personal and Group Scheduling through a calendar facility
>> .       System Dashboards to allow monitoring of the Managed
>> Firewall /Gateway /Mail Server.
>> .       Ability for users to use the same password as that in windows
>> Active Directory is desired.
>> .       Connector for Microsoft Outlook (Desirable)
> Horde or SquirrelMail + appropriate addons

> Cyrus IMAPd or Dovecot
> Sendmail or Postfix or Exim or ....
Postfix(with mysql support) & Dovecot work fine for me
Postfixadmin can be used as a config panel (ugly php - but works more or less)

> You should be able to use SASL to hook up any of these to AD for
> authentication purposes. (If you choose sendmail, you'ld want the
> version from ports so you can compile it with all the SASL bits.)
> Horde certainly will allow you to create Global and Personal address
> books via various different back-end databases.  In principle it can
> use LDAP so you might be able to bodge it into AD, but I'd recommend
> MySQL as the least grief, fastest benefit solution.
you could try egroupware as an alternative to horde
I think it supports syncml to integrate with Outlook and mobile devices.
> Horde also provides shared and global calendars, accessilble via
> CalDAV.
I have tried the Darwin calendar and contact Server with FreeBSD recently - but would not recommend it in a productive enviroment

> No idea what to recommend as a control panel for the firewall, MTA and
> imap servers I'm afraid.
> Note that Outlook is designed to work with MS Exchange, and often gives
> less than optimal results with other mail servers.

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