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Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at
Wed Feb 10 14:22:02 UTC 2010

Hello sysadmins,

Happy New Year (2010)!

Anyone knows if I can build a FreeBSD box that has:

Firewall /Gateway /Mail Server Solution with
the following capabilities:
.       http, pop, smtp, and imap email access.
.       Global Address List facility
.       Personal Address List facility
.       Personal and Group Scheduling through a calendar facility
.       System Dashboards to allow monitoring of the Managed
Firewall /Gateway /Mail Server.
.       Ability for users to use the same password as that in windows
Active Directory is desired.
.       Connector for Microsoft Outlook (Desirable)

Anyone managed to install Citadel on FreeBSD? I think somehow it can do the
e-mail parts. I have tried installing Citadel but it fails me always.

Anyone knows what I can use for System Dashboards other than webmin? Webmin
can do, but I feel there are other apps that can do much more visualization
of the server.

Best regards,
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