[freebsd-isp] central logfile / real time logging

Howard Jones howie at thingy.com
Wed Jan 23 11:07:51 PST 2008

Andreas Klemm wrote:
> Hi,
> do you have an idea how to store application generated logfiles
> (i.e. apache, ... ) from 1000 Solaris "zones" running on 250
> physical Sun server onto a central FreeBSD logserver ?
Take a look at mod_log_spread? [0]
This uses multicast to avoid many tcp connections, and also to allow for 
resilient logging (multiple receivers).

Not certain about the reliability aspect, but the Spread site[1] 
mentions "a range of reliability, ordering and stability guarantees for 

I have never used this myself, of course ;-)


[0] http://www.backhand.org/mod_log_spread/
[1] http://www.spread.org/index.html

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