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Hello Steffen,

Wednesday, August 22, 2007, 12:01:12 PM, you wrote:

SS> Hi!

SS> This may b the wrong list, but you might know the right one..

SS> I'm using the port quagge (zebra spin-off) in order to run bgp
SS> off of two freebsd boxes, serving as routers.
SS> They receive a default candidate from bgp: a/b.
SS> The aim is to configure a static default with a next-hop of a/b.
SS> This way the isp doesn't have to announce a 0/0, and I will still
SS> have a default pointing the right way.
SS> (I'm getting the a/b in from two separate lines for redundancy).

SS> My problem is that I can't make the default work.
SS> I use 'route default a/b' which actually shows up in 'netstat -rnf inet'
SS> but it still doesn't work.
SS> I've enclosed a lot of debug output.

SS> Can anyone point me in the right direction?


   You have to get your default routes from your ISPs' BGP peers and
choose appropriate route to the outer world by 'weight' parameter or
by 'local preference' parameter.
   But ,if you're in need of static-only routing, then you have to
configure your zebra/quagga router app by making changes in it's
configs or by connection to zebra's admin cli -
'telnet localhost zebra' (replase zebra with 'quagga' if you need) and
add next string:
'ip route <your gw#1>'
'ip route <your gw#2>'

after committin' changes to zebra it will automatically resolve dead
default route and choose another.

   And you have to be sure what your kernel's router is replased with

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