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OK. I'm willing to learn. What do you use to glue the dspam and your
anti-virus together from postfix. I'm using amavisd.




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I would actually strongly recommend against spamassassin -- it is heavy on
the resource usage, which is fine for a small mail server but once you start
handling millions of messages a day, DSPAM really shines big time over that
of SA.



Jeremy Tregunna

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I am trying to plan a ISP deployment using FreeBSD.  I am more familiar

with Linux but during my research, it's been pointed out that FreeBSD


the more stable and reliable choice for an ISP.  Especially as an email



What is the best way to manage the addition of new users to the email

server?  local users or is there a database solution.  Also is there a

software package available to easily administer email accounts or does

it all have to be done with custom scripts.


I would welcome any suggestions of anecdotes of experience.





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Postfix front end, with sqlgrey, and policyd, mysql.


Content scanning server is in the middle, using postfix , amavisd, clamav,

spamassassin, mysql.


Dovecot mail repository server. Postfix, dovecot, mysql.


Outbound server. Postfix.





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