Adaptec 2120s Raid 5

Tim McCullagh timbo at
Fri Dec 21 15:18:10 PST 2007

Hi All,

Has anyone installed Freebsd 6.x on a dual xeon system with an adaptec 2120s 
raid controller card?

The hardware I am using is dual 2.4 ghz zeon processors
Corsair 2 GB ram
tyan s3022 Mainboard with or with out the LSI scsi enabled in the bios
Adaptec 2120s raid controller

I am trying to install such a system and each time I try and install the 
system it crashes / freezes at one pointor another.  The raid volume shows 
that one of the drives has become unavailable and subsequently shows that 
the raid volume is degraded

Any pointers or help or questions would be appreciated

By the way in order to rule out the harware I successfully loader windoze xp 
without any difficulties.   It loaded and performed very well.  Now I want 
to load a real OS.



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